Arrizo 5

Exterior Design
Grille Design
Chery full line product in unified design style to strengthen brand recognition.
Exterior Line Design
ARRIZO 5 exterior modeling adopts special metal folding technique, artistic and safe.
External Lights Design
Slender shape headlamp with sooting style liner, white light eyebrow design and light guide banding width lamp act in cooperation with flying -wing style taillight design.
Interior Design
Style For Interior Design
Cool black interior design reflects sports style; Light interior design shows comfortable home style.
Console Integration T Shape Design
Design of T shape console take on a beautiful and generous look; Baking finish technique of air conditioner outlet and silver Chrome plated; Trimming Stripes indicate more sense of technology.
Multifunctional Steering Wheel
ARRIZO 5 steering wheel provides left and right button control area separately,you can easily control sound, bluetooth and cruise when driving.
Human Engineering Seats
Optimum ride comfort seat design with double-deck foam, 6 direction adjustment, PUMP heighten adjustment and French diplonema sewing technique.